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The Screenwriting Expo Conference and Trade Show
and the
Clinical Computing at Patient Bedsides In Hospitals - annual
Conferences and Trade Shows (1991-1995) sponsored by
Bill's business publication Inside Healthcare Computing 

Two very different audiences and eras,
requiring different marketing and promotional strategies

Screeenwriting Expo Logo

Marketing  The Screenwriting Expo

The Screenwriting Expo, executive-produced and marketed by Bill Donovan in the years 2007 though 2011, drew audiences of up to 2,500 and as many as 30 exhibitors.  Its target market was aspiring screenwriters.  It offered up to 300 hour-long sessions, an on-site scene-writing contest, a "Pitchfest" at which writers pitched their scripts to producers and agents, and Oscar- and Emmy-winning screenwriters as Guests of Honor.  The marketing aimed to sell:

 The excitement of Hollywood!  Creativity!  Sizzle!  Career-making opportunities!

The website and advertising were heavy on Hollywood imagery, the glamor of moviemaking, and the message, "You can break into the industry!"   

The marketing activity for the Expo included a few printed pieces: one direct-mail promotion in 2007 (not in later years), multiple ads in issues of our own worldwide-circulated print magazine, and full-page ads in other industry magazines.  

Most of the advertising was digital: 15 to 20 email blasts to our lists over a period of months, swaps of email blasts with partners, web page advertising on our magazine and screenwriting contest websites, web ads at other screenwriting partner sites, and Facebook, Twitter, and Google ads.

Here are samples of the website, email blasts, digital ads, print display ads, and the one postal mailing:

The website was the core of the advertising campaign.  Every advertisement, whether print or digital, pointed to the website as the principal destination.  

Click on this thumbnail to see a replica of Bill's animated, interactive home page:   

meeting management

 Online Display Ads:
2007 Screenwriting Expo

Note: most of the 10 web ad images below are animated GIFs.  
Some browsers can be balky about displaying them.

Bill wrote the text of these ads and worked with graphic artists on their design.

expo 6 banner ad
small online ad expo online display ad


Print Magazine Display Ads For the Screenwriting Expo

Bill wrote the text of the ads below and worked with our graphic artist on their design.  The one on the left is a four-page insert for the center of the summer 2007 issue of our magazine, Creative Screenwriting.  The one on the right is a one--page ad for other magazines.

Expo 4-page insert in Creative Screenwriting

Expo 1-pae magazine ad
 Direct mail promotion for the
 2007 Screenwriting Expo:
Screenwriting Expo Direct Mail Promotion
This was a self-mailer sent to promote the 2007 Screenwriting Expo, an international meeting of screenwriters.  The piece was designed to be a special issue of Creative Screenwriting Magazine in order to take advantage of the postage discounts for media mail.

The design was Bill's idea.  He guided the graphic artist on the layout and wrote all of the content other than the vendor display ads and four articles which are bylined to other individuals.  Articles credited to "Creative Screenwriting Staff" were written by Bill.  He copy-edited and proofread all the text in this 48-page advertisement. 
Expo direct mail promotion illustration

Press Releases:
2011 Screenwriting Expo

Press releases for the Screenwriting Expo were a collaborative effort.   Publicists wrote the first drafts.  Bill wrote the final versions.  Here are samples from 2011:


Email Blasts

Bill wrote most of the email blasts  for the Expo, 10 to 12 each year.  Examples:

Call for Presentations Register early A-List Screenwriters Michael Elliott inspiration
Expo Contest Deadline Tickets Online Special prices this week Thank-you to William Goldman

The link below goes to a file of text-only email blasts
 Bill wrote for the 2007 Screenwriting Expo:

Google Adwords Campaign:
Screenwriting Expo:

Another element of the digital ad campaigns for the Expo was a series of Google Adwords ads, aimed at screenwriters who might not be reached by other ads.   This file contains all 44 Adwords advertisements Bill wrote and used for the Screenwriting Expo from 2007 through 2011:


Marketing The Annual Hospital Bedside Computing  
Conference and Trade Show, 1991-1995

Bill founded, produced, and marketed this annual meeting (1991-1995) to bring together vendors and early hospital purchasers of information technology for bringing computing to the bedsides of hospital patients.  It may be difficult to conceive of this today, but in 1991, barely 1% of health care facilities had ways to capture and display patient information at bedsides, other than in ICU monitoring systems.  

Marketing was far different back then, too.

The available marketing methods were direct mail, magazine advertising, and inserts into our own business newsletter to this audience.

This link below to a direct mailing is being posted to illustrate Bill's promotional range.  Please keep in mind when viewing the graphics that this was 1994, and we were a small company with no budget for an art director, so the design is quite basic.  It's posted to show how Bill could write a marketing piece about technical and medical subject matter.


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