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Subject: Learn How to Pitch Your Idea to Hollywood From the Writer of Just Wright & Brown Sugar
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2009 Expo Screenplay Competition

The Screenwriting  Expo
Thursday to Sunday, October 7-10, 2009
Hilton Hotel at Los Angeles Airport
5711 West Century Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045

Registration is Now Open

Screenwriter Michael Elliot to Speak at the Expo!!

Michael Elliott, Screenwriter

MICHAEL ELLIOT is one of the most accomplished African-American screenwriters in Hollywood. Twenty-five years ago, he was a high school dropout, surviving on the streets of Philadelphia as one of the city’s homeless. But over the past 12 years, Elliot’s writing credits include Brown Sugar (Fox Searchlight), Like Mike (20th Century Fox), MTV’s Carmen, and the recently released Just Wright (Fox Searchlight).

We are honored to have a writer of Michael’s caliber at the Expo where he will give not one, but two lectures on the business of screenwriting. One focuses on how to launch your career while the other is a topic that has not been covered enough: how you pitch your idea in a room. Being good in a room is the difference between a pass and a sale, and Michael has sold enough scripts that you should heed his advice! Here is more information on his talks:

Unconventional Wisdom: Renegade Tactics to Launch Your Screenwriting Career

Down to his last $300 and facing eviction, Michael realized that his approach to breaking into Hollywood had to be unique and the strategies unconventional because he had no agent, no manager, and no Hollywood connections. He remembered one great detail from his days as an entertainment executive that could help him get one of his scripts read. And the detail is: you’ll have to come to find out! Michael’s great presentation will cover subjects including unconventional queries, tricks to getting read by a producer, accessing Hollywood through the back door, and many more techniques to get your script read!

Good in the Room: One Writer’s Highly Effective Recipe for Pitching to Sell

Once, after a successful pitch, Miramax and The Weinstein Co. co-founder Bob Weinstein told Michael, “If there was an Academy Award for pitching, you’d win it hands down.” So, what’s Michael’s secret? Is it simply his ideas? The answer might surprise you: Michael credits his success at pitching to his unique approach to presenting his ideas, not the idea itself. This is a can’t miss seminar, the likes of which has never been taught at the Expo.

Earliest Registrants Receive Lowest Registration Price

Please note the new price structure this year. There will be four levels of registration for each the Basic Pass and Gold Pass. The earlier you register, the lower your price will be.

2010 Screenwriting Expo Registration Prices
Basic Pass  Gold Pass
Level 1: $89.95 Sold Out! Level 1: $279.95 Sold Out!
Level 2: $99.95 On Sale Now! Level 2: $299.95 On Sale Now!
Level 3: $109.95 late pre-registrant price Level 3: $309.95  late pre-registrant price
Level 4: On Site $119.95 Level 4: On Site $319.95

Free and Discounted Subscriptions Available with Your Expo Pass!

Once again, you can get a free subscription to Creative Screenwriting when you sign up for the Expo. Here are the details:

Your GOLD PASS ALSO INCLUDES a free one-year full subscription to Creative Screenwriting Magazine (paper issues + digital delivery + exclusive writer resources).

Your BASIC PASS ALSO INCLUDES a free one-year digital subscription to Creative Screenwriting Magazine ($11.95 value) OR $11.95 off a full subscription.

More Guests of Honor to Be Announced Soon

Keep checking this space and our website for further additions to the Expo program. We have exciting guests ready to announce and hope to be doing soon very soon!!!

Click Here to Register!

* The front of the line: Expo management reserves the right to offer first pitch ticket access to a small number (no more than 40) Platinum Pass registrants, should such a class of registrations be offered.  We guarantee that this group absolutely would not exceed 40 persons -- a very small percentage of the nearly 1,000 who buy pitch tickets.

The Expo Screenplay Competition and the Screenwriting Expo
are productions of Creative Screenwriting Magazine

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