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Alfred Gough and Miles Millar's Spiderman 2
Is this what it feels like to have writer's cramp staring you in the face?  Relax.  Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, writers of Spider-Man 2, Shanghai Noon,  I am Number Four, and for the TV shows Charlie's Angels, Hawaii Five-0, Martial Law, and Timecop, will be at the 2011 Expo to talk about how they create all their wonderful characters..

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About The 2011 Speakers

Guests of Honor, Master Teachers, Producers, Screenwriters

...More than 50 new sessions never offered before will be held at the 2011 Screenwriting Expo.   Learn every aspect of screenwriting from where ideas come from to dialogue, character, scenes, openings, and great endings to how to claim deductions on your taxes.  Click here or any "Program At A Glance" button to see the sessions posted so far; we will continue to post new sessions throughout  the summer.

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If you missed the Expo, you can catch much of what you missed with our 60-DVD set. These DVDs are the cream of the crop of  the best  Screenwriting Expo sessions from prior years.  Click HERE to view/order


They support you as a screenwriter -- be sure to visit them in Grand Ballrooms A and B

They'll be right next to the pitchfest, and the exhibit hall will have a place for you to grab lunch, or a coffee or tea and relax.
The 2011 Screenwriting Expo
Sept 15-18, 2011     Westin Los Angeles Airport Hotel

Pre-Expo Pitch Boot Camp Daytime Sept. 15 -- it was a big hit
in 2010

2011 Program
(more sessions will be added):

Program at a glance

Recently added:

Don't Miss This Wonderful Interview
Kim HudsonAMIN MATALQA is the director of the first Arab-language Disney feature film, ‘The United’ (due in theaters early 2012) and writer/director of the 2008 Jordanian feature film, ‘Captain Abu Raed,’ which won the 2008 Sundance Film Festival Audience Award for World Cinema (Dramatic). With 28 international awards, Captain was Jordan’s first-ever entry into the Oscars (and won 76% critic and 80% audience approval at Rotten Tomatoes). Amin has an MFA in Directing from the American Film Institute. Originally from Jordan, little Amin immigrated to the US with his family in 1989, went on to study business at Ohio State University, and worked in the technology field for six years. Then, one day in 2003, he decided to start over and pursue his childhood dream of filmmaking. He moved to Los Angeles with his dogs Cello and Oboe, and made 17 short films before getting into AFI. Today he lives in LA with his wife Claire and their dogs. Having completed two feature films, he continues to write screenplays and is in development to direct 'Red Valentine.' You can see the Captain Abu Raed trailer at:
Producers, Producers, Producers!
If you want to meet a producer (or several), this is the meeting to attend.  The 2011 Screenwriting Expo has more movie and TV producers in attendance than any Expo in the past five years.  Click on the "Program At A Glance button above and search the sessions...You'll find movie producers, producer experts in financing, TV producers, reality TV producers...

Sessions Just Added Sept. 1:


Writing Great Female Lead Characters:
 Learn How They Differ From Male Leads:
Kim HudsonKim Hudson, Author of The Virgin's Promise, will teach:
The Virgin Story: An Alternative To the Hero:

Learn the 13 beats of the Virgin’s journey to express her true nature, even against the wishes of her kingdom

The Virgin In Fairy Tales
Fairy tales have ignited our imaginations for centuries.  The common storylines in  Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Black Swan, An Education, and Glee.

Dara Marks and Deb NortonDara Marks and Deb Norton:
Engaging The Feminine Heroic

It isn’t grit or physical prowess that gives the feminine her heroic stature; it is her courageous ability to descend into the dark, forbidding places that lie within each of us in order to retrieve our essence, Strong stories aren’t masculine or feminine, they balance both. This  course will teach you how.

Crowdfunding????  What's Crowdfunding?
Free Money To Shoot Your Own Script, That's What!
Does It Really Work?      How Do You Do It?
Listen to five speakers who raised funds for their own scripts with crowdfunding techniques.  Come to the Expo and learn how!   Stop waiting for someone else to buy ytour script.  Make it yourself.

Special Guest Christine Conradt,  Mistress of Drama, Horror,
 And Thrillers That Get Made,  Will Teach These Seminars:
$$ To $ Budgets:

Writing the Low- and
Micro-Budget Feature
Screenwriter Christine Conradt
How To Write A Mind-Blowing Sex Scene
And Keep It  In Good Taste
(Yes, Movies Still Have Them!)
 Vampires, Zombies, and Ghosts: 
Writing Horror 
That Doesn’t
 Suck, Bite, or Fall Over Dead

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Four Great Writing Contests:
Get  industry exposure, test your writing skills -- and win cash:

 The Cyberspace Open  Scene-Writing Contest   |   The AAA Screenplay Contest -- Access  And Acclaim Plus $12,000+ In Prizes 
 The Great Movie and TV Loglines Contest -- Get Your Logline Before Industry Eyes  |   The Expo Screenplay Competition --
 Access, Acclaim, $20,000 First Prize ...   Nearly $100k In Cash And Other Prizes ... Pitch Free At the Expo