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Print Writing and Editing Samples

1. Editorial Management And Publishing:

Creative Screenwriting Magazine
Magazine Editor and Publisher: Created and managed magazine budget.  Set editorial policies, set and managed magazine publication deadlines.  Hired editors and writers.  Supervised production.  Wrote "Letter From The Editor" for each issue.  

Creative Screenwriting Magazine
May-June 2010 Issue in PDF format

Flash Page-Flip Version
May-June 2010 issue
Creative Screenwriting Magazine
January-February 2011 Issue in PDF format

Flash Page-Flip Version
Jan-Fb. 2011issue
2. Freelance Writing Samples:

Sweating for Status illustration
"Sweating For Status"
Freelance Magazine Article
An article about why people work out.  
Sold to the Chicago Sun-Times Sunday Magazine
"PCs in Group Practice"
Freelance Magazine Article
A look forward into the future of information technology
in physicians' offices.  Sold to a trade magazine covering physician group practices.

PCs in Group Practice
we've got to flat a helicopter!"We've Got To Flag A Helicopter!" News Feature
When I was a newspaper reporter, a relative of mine was a hurricane flood victim.  I drove to the flood area to pick him up.  On the way back, he told this story.

I like the way the quotes tell it all.
3.  Business Journalism Award-Winning Articles
Between 1990 and 1998, the news team at the newsletter Inside Healthcare Computing won awards five times in the Newsletter Publishers Foundation Journalism Awards.  I wrote and edited the first three of these pieces, and co-wrote and copy edited the final two.  The articles below are two of those five award-winners.

Business how-to feature article:
Your Own Website On $1.72 A Day

This is a "so-what" story today, but back in 1996, web site consultants were telling businesses that it would cost as much as six figures for a content site and seven figures for an e-commerce site.  So I built a site that was both, launched it in December 1996, and wrote an award-winning two-part series about it.
Investigative reporting:
FDA Recalls Blood Bank Software

The leading blood bank software used by hospitals was subjected to a Food and Drug Administration recall.  I  broke the story on the defects of the software nearly two years before the recall. I wrote the 1993 story and edited and co-wrote the 1995 story on the recall.
4. Direct-Mail Promotion Writing Samples: 

Screenwriting Expo Direct Mail Promotion
This is a self-mailer sent to promote the 2007 Screenwriting Expo, an international meeting of screenwriters.  The piece is intended to be a "special issue" of  Creative Screenwriting Magazine in order to take advantage of the postage discounts for media mail.

My roles: First, this design was my idea.  I guided the graphic artist on the layout, wrote all the content other than three short articles which are bylined to other individuals and the display ads.  Articles credited to "Creative Screenwriting Staff" were written by me.  I copy-edited all the text. 
Expo direct mail promotion illustration

#10 Direct Mail Promotions:

I wrote more than 50 direct-mail promotions soliciting subscriptions for the business newsletter Inside Healthcare Computing.  The newsletter grew from startup to out-subscribing the established competition in its niche.    We had no budget for a graphic artist in those years, so the design of all these promotions was very basic.  The text alone persuaded the target audience to buy through the mail.  Here is a sample direct mail promotion from that period.

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