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Subject: John August & Shane Black to Appear at the 2010 Expo
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The Screenwriting Expo
2009 Expo Screenplay Competition

The Screenwriting  Expo
Thursday to Sunday, October 7-10, 2009
Hilton Hotel at Los Angeles Airport
5711 West Century Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045

Registration is Now Open

JOHN AUGUST & SHANE BLACK to Appear at this year’s Expo!

We are working on the guest list for what is shaping up to be one of our best lineups ever. Every few weeks or so, we will announce more and more Oscar-winning writers and directors who have agreed to join us this year! First up are two veterans of the industry who have been popular Expo Guests of Honor in the past.

JOHN AUGUST is the acclaimed writer of Tim Burton’s Big Fish and the indie hit Go. August has also collaborated with Burton on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the animated film Corpse Bride, and the 2011 Disney release Frankenweenie. August has also delved into action screenwriting by having a hand in both Charlie’s Angels films. His last project was the lauded film The Nines, on which he made his directorial debut.

SHANE BLACK is one of the highest paid screenwriters in film history, receiving large paychecks for his specs for The Long Kiss Goodnight ($4 million), The Last Boyscout ($1.75 million), and Last Action Hero ($1 million). He is also the mind behind the Lethal Weapon franchise, where he sold the script for the first installment at only age 23. He recently wrote and directed Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and is currently working on Lethal Weapon 5.

PLUS: More BIG names to be announced soon. But sign up now to take advantage of our low prices.

Why Register Now?

1)    Lower Prices: The earlier you sign up, the cheaper your Expo ticket will be. There are only 200 Basic Pass and 100 Gold Pass tickets available at these advance discount prices – so sign up now and save.  In addition, for a few days, you can save 10% on each evening reception with a Basic Pass.

2)    Get to the Front of the Line* for Pitches:  For a few hours, you have a chance to be among the first to buy, putting yourself at or near the front of the line for Golden Pitch tickets.  Registrants are invited to buy tickets to The Golden Pitch Festival in the order in which you registered. Dozens of A-LIST production companies, agencies, and management companies will be on hand to listen to your idea.  Tickets to the most popular companies usually sell out by midday.

In just five minutes time, you can make the leap from struggling writer to gaining representation or possibly even a meeting with one of the biggest studios in town. The Golden Pitch Festival is the most direct and effective way to break down Hollywood’s door.

Join us in early October for a great blend of legendary writers, the best pitch festival around and the world’s greatest screenwriting instructors. With more than 140 sessions, this is the one don't-miss meeting for aspiring or working screenwriters or filmmakers.

Earliest Registrants Receive Lowest Registration Price

Please note the new price structure this year. There will be four levels of registration for each the Basic Pass and Gold Pass. The earlier you register, the lower your price will be.

2010 Screenwriting Expo Registration Prices
Basic Pass  Gold Pass
Level 1: $89.95 Sold Out! Level 1: $279.95 Sold Out!
Level 2: $99.95 On Sale Now! Level 2: $299.95 On Sale Now!
Level 3: $109.95 late pre-registrant price Level 3: $309.95  late pre-registrant price
Level 4: On Site $119.95 Level 4: On Site $319.95

100+ Seminars on Screenwriting – Most of Them Unique to This Year!

Last year, the Expo played host to over 100 individual seminars on the craft and business of screenwriting – and 60 of them were brand new to 2009. Expect more diversity this year, as more new seminars and new teachers will be joining our ranks. Even if you’re an Expo veteran, there will be enough exciting new classes for you to fill your schedule!

Trouble with dialogue…issues understand themes…characterization…getting an agent…funding your indie film…pitching – how to do it and how to sell yourself…All of these subjects are covered each year at the Expo. Plus, as usual, we will play host to big A-list writers who will share their secrets exclusively with you.

Planning is still in the infant stage, so keep checking for updates,

The 2010 Screenwriting Expo promises to be a unique and important event in the lives of many aspiring writers. Don’t miss out and join us at the LAX Hilton!

Travel And Lodging Costs To The Expo Slashed  -- But Luxury, Too?

The Hilton Hotel at Los Angeles Airport is the most luxurious hotel which has ever hosted the Screenwriting Expo or been the main Expo host hotel.  So you would expect that it would be the most expensive, right?

Wrong.  It is the LEAST expensive rate in many years for an Expo headquarters hotel.  We negotiated a single or double room rate of only $99.95 per night.   So treat yourself!   Or, for the very budget-conscious traveler, we're working on an even better deal nearby.

Click Here to Register!

* The front of the line: Expo management reserves the right to offer first pitch ticket access to a small number (no more than 40) Platinum Pass registrants, should such a class of registrations be offered.  We guarantee that this group absolutely would not exceed 40 persons -- a very small percentage of the nearly 1,000 who buy pitch tickets.

The Expo Screenplay Competition and the Screenwriting Expo
are productions of Creative Screenwriting Magazine

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