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Marketing And Publicity -- Writing and Editing Samples:

1. Creation and Execution of Marketing Campaign: 2007 Screenwriting Expo

ad campaigjn for 2007 screenwriting expoThe goal of this campaign was to attract registrants, exhibitors, and sponsors to a meeting of movie and TV screenwriters, producers, and directors.  Click on the image or the link below for a brief overview of the marketing campaign I created, budgeted, managed, and wrote most of:  


2.  Direct mail promotion, 2007 Screenwriting Expo
Screenwriting Expo Direct Mail Promotion
This is a self-mailer sent to promote the 2007 Screenwriting Expo, an international meeting of screenwriters.  The piece is intended to be a "special issue" of  Creative Screenwriting Magazine in order to take advantage of the postage discounts for media mail.

My roles: This design was my idea.  I guided the graphic artist on the layout, wrote all the content other than display ads and the three short articles which are bylined to other individuals.  Articles credited to "Creative Screenwriting Staff" were written by me.  I copy-edited all the text. 
Expo direct mail promotion illustration
3. Email Blasts

Part of the ad campaign above was a series of 16 email blasts to in-house permission email lists of screenwriters and to partners' permission email lists.   The link below goes to a file of the email blasts I wrote for this series (members of my staff wrote a few others):

4. Google Adwords Campaign
Another part of the ad campaign above was a series of Google Adwords ads, aimed at screenwriters who might not be reached by our other ads.    This file contains not only our 2007 Adwords ads, but all 44 Adwords  advertisements we used for the Screenwriting Expo from 2007 through 2011:

Google Adwords Ads (html file)

5.  Print Display Ads, 2007 Screenwriting Expo
I wrote the text of these ads and worked with our graphic artist on their design.  One was a four-page insert for the center of the summer 2007 issue of our magazine, Creative Screenwriting.  The other was a full-page ad for other magazines and for later issues of Creative Screenwriting Magazine.
Four-page insert -- click to view:

Expo 4-page insert in Creative Screenwriting
One-page ad--click to view:

Expo 1-pae magazine ad
6.  Online Display Ads, 2007 Screenwriting Expo
I wrote the text of these ads and worked with our graphic artist on their design.

expo 6 banner ad
small online adexpo online display adexpo online display ad

7. Sample Press Release:

Press releases for the Screenwriting Expo were a collaborative effort.   Our publicist and my marketing assistant wrote the first drafts, and  I rewrote them into final form.  Here is a sample from 2010:

8. Direct Mail Promotions Selling Subscriptions To Inside Healthcare Computing, A Technology Newsletter:

I wrote more than 50 direct-mail promotions soliciting subscriptions for the business newsletter Inside Healthcare Computing.  The newsletter grew from startup to out-subscribing the established competition in its niche.    We had no budget for a graphic artist in those years, so the design of all these promotions was very basic.  The vast majority were sent in #10 window envelopes.  The text alone persuaded the target audience to buy through the mail.  

Sample #1                      Sample #2                         Sample #3

9. Other writing samples:

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