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Welcome to ScreenwritingCommunity.net 

Our website offers resources and services to help aspiring screenwriters succeed.   At this website, you can...

  • Hire former screenwriter and longtime professional copy editor Bill Donovan to proofread your screenplay.

    See how to order and also why you need to make your screenplay mistake-proof at this page.

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If you are a provider of valuable services to screenwriters, we can help you find ways to reach out to them.  Write to bill@screenwritingcommunity.net or use the contact page to get in touch with Bill Donovan, an expert on marketing to movie and TV screenwriters.  

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About ScreenwritingCommunity.net...

This web site and its content were created by Bill Donovan, the former editor and publisher of Creative Screenwriting Magazine and former executive producer of the Screenwriting Expo, and the former manager of two annual screenplay contests, a scene-writing contest, and a logline contest, as well as producer of 10 educational DVDs for screenwriters.


Resources to help aspiring screenwriters succeed
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