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How to Attend The 2011 Screenwriting Expo Film Festival

The principal venue for the 2011 Screenwriting Expo Film Festival is the second-floor theater at the Westin Los Angeles Airport Hotel, 5400 West Century Boulevard, Los Angeles CA 90045.  Self-parking and valet parking are available in the hotel with overflow nearby.

If you are an invited industry executive, you do not need to buy tickets. See below. 

If you are the producer, writer-director or a writer of a film selected for screening, your team is entitled to receive five free tickets to the screening of your film only.  To attend other screenings, you must buy tickets.

How To Purchase Tickets

Tickets will go on sale by July 1, 2011, possibly sooner; watch for email and web site announcements.

Festival attendees who do not plan to register for the Screenwriting Expo: click this link when tickets go on sale.

Screenwriting Expo registrants: buy your tickets through Screenwriting Expo Registration when tickets go on sale.

Ticket Prices:

For festival attendees who are not paid registrants at the Screenwriting Expo:

    – $29.95 for a four-day ticket to any and all available* screenings all four days, or

    – $14.95 for a one-day ticket to any and all available* screenings that day.

Tickets to individual screenings, if available, will be sold on site.

For festival attendees who are paid registrants at the Screenwriting Expo:

    – $9.95 for a four-day ticket.  Your ticket is not transferable, and you must be wearing your Expo badge to enter with it. 

Each four-day ticket entitles the ticket buyer to a seat in any screening any day, on a first-come, first-served basis, after early-arriving VIPs are seated.   Each one-day ticket similarly entitles the ticket buyer to a seat in any screening that day on a first-come, first-served basis after early-arriving VIPs are seated.

Lost or “forgot” ticket fee is a non-refundable $10.  To receive the $9.95 price, Screenwriting Expo registrants must register or be registered and buy tickets through Screenwriting Expo Registration at  Click through to the registration form.

Lost or “forgot” ticket fee: non-refundable $10.

First-Come, First-Served Entry; *Availability of Screenings; Refunds

After early-arriving VIPs, entry to screenings will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

We will sell a limited number of tickets to the festival.  A ticket does not guarantee a seat at any particular screening.   The theater will be emptied after each screening.  Ticket buyers cannot claim a seat to a screening by staying after the prior screening.

Refund Policy:

Screenwriting Expo Film Festival Tickets are 100% refundable if a refund is requested in writing by 5 p.m. Pacific Time August 15, 2011.  To request a refund, write to, or fax a refund request to us at (323) 957-1405 or postmark a mailed request for refund to Screenwriting Expo Film Fest c/o Creative screenwriting, 6404 Hollywood Blvd Suite 415, Los Angeles CA 90028.  Telephone requests for refunds and refund requests after Aug. 15 will not be honored under any circumstances.  If you call asking for a refund, you will be instructed to write.  Tickets are non-refundable after that date.  No-show tickets are not refundable.

Why a ticket does not guarantee a seat at a particular screening:

It is to the great advantage of all in attendance that we attract industry executives (film buyers, financiers, studio executives and major production company executives) to the Screenwriting Expo Film Festival and the Screenwriting Expo. The chance to rub elbows with industry executives in the informal settings around a festival is one of the most important attractions of any film festival.  

Because we will have no idea in advance how many of these VIPs will attend any particular screening, we cannot sell a particular number of seats to any screening. 

Therefore, we give VIPs a chance to be seated first, and then open up all remaining seats to ticket-holders on a first-come, first-served basis. 

For those who have never attended a film festival before, this is the way most film festivals are run.  One of the greatest benefits of a film festival – and of the Screenwritjng Expo each year – is the gathering of this mix of writers, directors, producers, agents, studio execs, and film buyers and financiers in an informal setting.

Industry Executive Passes And Priority Seating

Invited film buyers and financiers, studio executives, and production company executives whose companies sit for pitches at the Golden Pitch may receive Industry Executive Passes with Priority Seating at screenings and free parking as available. 

If you are any of the above VIPs, and you do not receive an invitation to attend by Aug. 1, 2011, please contact Matt, the festival manager, at (323) 957-1405 or to obtain an Industry Executive Pass.

Priority Seating

Producers of festival-screened films will receive five free passes to the screenings of their own films and may take advantage of Priority Seating.

To be guaranteed a seat under Priority Seating, holders of Industry Executive Passes and the producers/writers/directors of screened films must arrive at the theater entrance at least 20 minutes before the screening. For details on how to claim Priority Seating, please see the information which goes with your Industry Executive Pass.


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