Screenwriting Expo Film Festival -- To enter, click here or download this mail-in entry form or click on the link below

The image above could be replaced by a publicity still from your film.  Enter now by clicking on any "Enter" ink on this page, then see below or go to the Upload page for directions on how to send images to us!


How To Enter The Screenwriting Expo Film Festival:    

3 Easy Steps:

     1. Register your film online at Withoutabox or by mail and pay the fee.
     2. Send your film to us in DVD-Video format (US consumer video).
     3. Optional: send publicity stills and/or a trailer.

Earlybird Discount Entry:  Get The Lowest Prices Before June 5, 2011 Entry: Cllick Here:

Here is more detail on the three steps to entering:
Step 1 Register And Check Out:

First, be sure you know the rules. 

Register and pay the entry fee.  The entry fee is lower if you enter early

Click here or on the "Enter" link above to register and check out.

To register by mail, download this mail-in entry form:

Step 2 Send Your Film For Judging:

Send your film to the address below.   Be sure your film meets the format requirements on the Rules page, and that the title of the film and the writer-director are enclosed on paper or are clearly readable on the DVD label.  Hand-write the label if necessary. 

Send it to:

    Screenwriting Expo Film Fest
    c/o Creative Screenwriting
    6404 Hollywood Blvd Suite 415
    Los Angeles CA 90028

Step 3: Optional: Send Publicity Stills And/Or A Trailer:

Email publicity stills or trailers only to this email address:

Please send publicity photos only to that address.  You MUST include the following information in your email:
    -- Name of the film
    -- Name of the writer-director entrant.
    -- Who you are, so that we can verify that the email and photos are genuine.

Please send only stills from the action, not head shots or shots of the director and actors on the set.  We will  not display images other than images from the film itself.

If you send a trailer, please make it no more than 1 minute long in .wav format. 

We cannot guarantee that your stills or trailer will be displayed; there is only so much space.  However, if the images are interesting, you’ll have a good chance.   We will rotate images.  So send us some great images.

Best Aspect Ratios For Promotional Stills:

We can crop photos ourselves, but it will help if you provide still photos which are close to one of these three aspect ratios:

 2:5:1    or    1.25:1   or    1:1   


What’s Next? 

The jury will start judging films as they are entered.  Good luck, and why not register for the Screenwriting Expo?  As a film festival entrant, you're entitled to a festival discount on an Expo registration.

Note: the Screenwriting Expo is a separate, concurrent event with separate registration. You do not need to attend the Expo for your film to be considered or to attend screenings.  If your film is selected for screening, you will be eligible for free tickets to your film only.  Screenwriting Expo registrants will receive second priority (after invited film industry executives) for tickets to screenings. 

If your film is selected, you will be accorded Screenwriting Expo Green Room privileges if you register. The Green Room is where producers, agents, managers, famous writers, and Expo speakers are invited to hang out.


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