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Call for Presentations:
Would You Like To Speak Or Moderate Your Own Panel At The 2011 Screenwriting Expo? 

The 2011 Screenwriting Expo, the world's biggest and most prestigious conference for screenwriters, is seeking a few good women and men to speak.  The Expo will be held at the luxurious Westin Los Angeles Airport at 5400 West Century Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90045, conveniently near the airport, Sept. 15-18.

What's New...
  • The Expo will include a film festival for the first time ever -- right on site.  See for details
  • More sessions: we have booked more meeting rooms than in the past two years, and we have a lot of smaller meeting spaces,.
  • Producers, Producers, Producers!  We're inviting many more producers to be on panels, to participate in the Golden Pitch Fest -- and we're planning a series of sessions on financing your own film, for the benefit of both producers and screenwriters.
So would you like to give a presentation, teach a class, join a panel discussion, organize and moderate a panel discussion, or interview someone in front of an audience? 

If so, please go to this web page to submit proposals:

To Register:
If you're not planning to propose to speak but want to attend, please go to:

Sessions Screenwriters Want:

Prior Screenwriting Expo registrants and potential registrants have voted in surveys that they want certain kinds of sessions.  This "Call for Presentations" invites you to propose a session in one of the categories requested by the screenwriting community

2010 Speakers, Please Note:

We recently sent an invitation in the next few days to many 2010 speakers to return to the Expo.  If you did not receive an invitation by mail or email, please feel welcome to present sessions using the link above.  We are eager to hear from you!   We want more and more varied sessions than in the past couple of years. 

Programming Content That Screenwriters Want And Don't Want At the Expo:

These "want" and "don't want" lists come from in-depth surveys of registrants and potential registrants, and from our analysis of which sessions were best attended year after year in prior Screenwriting Expos.  

The "Don't Want" list is is blunt and clear.  Registrants don't want:

  • Above all, they do not want sessions which are or include "infomercials" or plugs for the speaker's latest book or outside class.  Registrants pay to travel to the Expo, to register, and to attend classes.  They rightly feel cheated by a session intended to whet their appetite for your book or class. 
  • They don't want a lot of the same sessions as in prior years.   Most registrants are repeat registrants.  They want new content.

The "Do Want" list:

(See also: “Craft Teaching Sessions Needed” below)

These are the kinds of programming which prior registrants' and potential registrants have told us in surveys that they do want:
  • Famous screenwriters. Potential registrants have a long list of whom they'd like to see.  We're working on that, but if you have your own contacts with a screenwriter, please feel free to propose an interview with that writer.  The key is: can you deliver?     
  • New writers who just broke in -- especially into the majors:  If you're a newly sold writer, we can arrange for one of our interviewers to interview you or you can give your own presentation.  The most desired subject is how you did it.  We're especially interested in writers who have new major-studio productions.  We plan to have both one-on-one interviews and panels. 
  • Producers, producers, producers.  And showrunners, showrunners, /showrunners: Panels of, interviews with, or sessions given by currently working movie producers and TV creators and showrunners
  • Agents and Managers: Panels of, interviews with, or sessions given by currently working screenwriting agents and managers.
  • New Media: presentations on the craft and business of scriptwriting for the Web, Xbox, Playstation, and other new media.
  • Advanced teaching sessions not given at prior Expos: Registrants want new, more advanced sessions that build upon seminars from last year.  See last year's program at before it is taken down for this year's program.
  • Sessions on screenwriting craft (see below).
  • A Script Analysts' And Consultants' Program.  Are you a script analyst or consultant?  Help us:  What should this program be?  We're looking at everything from teaching sessions by script analysts to panels of analysts to setting up a way to do or initiate consultations on site.   Propose something!
Screenwriting Craft Teaching Sessions Needed!
We need teachers and experts on all aspects of craft.  Two teachers who usually teach sessions on screenwriting craft at the Screenwriting Expo are not expected back this year.  So we welcome proposals to teach all aspects of screenwriting craft.   The"craft" part of the program already has some heavy hitters, but there are plenty of open spaces for new teachers of craft.

"Build Your Own"...In addition, propose...
  •  Your own great idea: this is the year for great new ideas for sessions.  We have a lot of medium-sized and smaller breakout rooms, so if you have an idea that could work in a smaller room – a seminar for 10-15 people, for example – we have room for it!
We will issue invitations and "still under consideration" notes by about July 15. 

Planning to Pre-Register For The Expo?   Do go ahead and register as soon as registration opens (very soon) to ensure that you receive your priority status and low advance rate for registration.  If you are later selected to speak, we will refund your registration fee to you.

If your presentation(s) is/are accepted, this Expo Speaker Agreement governs your presentation:

Those URLs again:
To propose seminars, go to:

To register for the Expo, go to:

More information:  Contact customer service at (323) 957-1405 ore   Please do not contact us to propose over the phone or by email.  We accept proposals to speak only through the form above or as requested in a private message.

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