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Publishing Management

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Copy Editing and Proofreading

Copy Editing and Proofreading Samples
I copy-edited and proofread all of these publications below:


Be That One In A Hundred
(nonfiction book, paperback and Kindle)

Best Services for Screenwriters
(nonfiction e-book)
Reports and White Papers:


I created, copy edited and proofread the content of these websites:

U.S. Senate Document:

Every bill passed by the U.S. Senate or House is accompanied by a report providing the rationale and background for the bill.  When I was a member of the staff of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, I worked on the passage of the so-called "Superfund" legislation, a major environmental bill. When it passed, I was assigned to take partial statements written by three staff colleagues and rewrite/assemble them into a single, coherent statement of purpose to explain the rationale for the legislation. This document is that statement of purpose.

General Statement on Superfund Legislatiion

Business Newsletter Editing/Proofreading -  

Inside Healthcare Computing Issues:

I was the sole copy editor and proofreader for the biweekly business newsletter Inside Healthcare Computing for 14 years.  During my tenture, the newsletter won five national business journalism awards.  These are  some of the approximately 350 issues I edited and proofread.

01/24/05 issue
11/29/04 issue
11/15/04 issue
11/01/04 issue
10/18/04 issue
10/04/04 issue
09/20/04 issue
09/06/04 issue
08/23/04 issue
08/09/04 issue
07/26/04 issue
07/12/04 issue
06/28/04 issue
06/14/04 issue

05/31/04 issue
05/17/04 issue
05/03/04 issue
04/19/04 issue
04/05/04 issue
03/22/04 issue
03/08/04 issue
02/23/04 issue
02/09/04 issue
01/12/04 issue

Promotional and Advertising Content

One of the most challenging copy-editing and proofreading jobs I've ever done was this 48-page direct mail piece, which is full of tabular material as well as text.  I copy-edited and proofread all but the vendor ads:

I copy-edited and proofread these advertising and marketing pieces as well (and more than 100 others):

2008 Screenwriting Expo Program

Hospital Bedside Computing Conference Promotion*

*Due to a conversion from older software, the formatting is a bid skewed.

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